Multi-language Voicemail Greetings

I have callers that are english speaking and some that are spanish speaking. I have an IVR that directs spanish speaking to press 1, but if they get to the voicemail busy/unavailable message it will be in english. If I record the greetings in spanish then when the english speaking customers get to the voicemail it is in spanish.

Can I setup the voicemail greetings to have a spanish and english version? Similar to how I can do system recordings in both spanish and english?

Any ideas on this?

voicemail VmX functionality maybe?

Or maybe create virtual extensions for voicemail? One from the english IVR and one from the Spanish

I will have to look into voicemail VmX more. I don’t know much about that.

I don’t think virtual extensions would work because that would create 2 different voicemail boxes. My phone won’t show the indicator light for both of those. Unless I am confusing what you mean.

Currently I am testing out using a Dynamic Route that checks for the language and I send the phone to that. If english they go to the standard voicemail, if spanish they go to a spanish announcement and then to voicemail without instructions. It seems to be working but seems hacky and overly complicated for something that should be pretty simple.

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