Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Friends, is MFA strictly used for authenticating to the PBX? Can it be used outside this scope, let’s say to auth against an account?

I don’t understand the question. Perhaps the wiki pages will help:

Igaetz, dumb question, but can that MFA be used for anything other than auth against the pbx?

Not sure that anyone can answer this question as it doesn’t really make sense.

Auth for what? The web GUI? Phone extensions? What logins are you looking to protect specifically?

What I’m asking is if the PBX can be used for auto purposes against other services. Let’s say for example I have website that requires user registration - can freepbx be used to authenticate phone numbers?

I don’t think I explained this properly. I’m personally a big believer of providing service under one roof and not having to depend on another service provider to provide parts for the moving wheel. Example - other’s use Twilio to auth services. So I’m wondering, since Free PBX is already in the communication loop, if it can be used to send one time tokens for things such as login’s? For other services and not just for login for the user control panel.

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