Multi-Extension User for Sangoma Connect

what is the sanctioned way to have a staff member hooked up with multiple extensions on sangoma connect so that each extension can be used independently both inbound and outbound? trying to register an additional extension prompts to have the existing one overwritten.


I’m not sure if I’m understanding it correctly but, one extension = one softphone. The app can only register with a single extension.

most desktop phones as well as most softphones from other providers can register multiple extensions. but. how would one set up making calls with 2 different outgoing 10-digit CID’s for one user who’s traveling? (incoming calls are easy enough to route to one extension, so half the battle’s done) let’s say it’s one person working for 2 different subsidiaries of a single company.

To clarify, are you asking for a solution that allows a single user from a single mobile device to present multiple different caller IDs for outbound calls using Sangoma Connect?

correct. i am not sure why this would be strange. for example, the yeahlink office phone i am using is a 16-line phone. that lets a single user present 16 different outgoing CID’s.

Not strange, just clarifying the ask. The initial question made it sound like your user had multiple mobile devices.

There is no support in Sangoma Connect mobile for multiple concurrent registrations, but this can be done with dial prefixes. You specify outbound routes where numbers prefixed with **44 (completely arbitrary string) get Caller ID number 1 and **55 get CID number 2, etc. There is also the paid commercial module Caller ID management which offers some other additional features along these lines as well.

are you referring to creating an outbound route for that CID and setting the prepend to whatever string is preferred?

Prepend might come into it, but it’s the prefix field you populate when there are digits you want to remove from the string. Here is one from my home system, where an ‘88’ prefix will be forced to use a specific trunk:

The 88 is stripped, other digits are added where needed, and the resulting string is sent of to the trunk.

works perfectly. i s’pose if you wanna dial contacts you edit their number and insert the aforeset prefix?

That’s a workable solution so long as there is a manageable number of contacts. Note that dialing outbound from call history will be problematic if a prefix is required on all calls.

yeah I think this method is basically a workaround and ultimately they’ll have to add the multi extension feature to the app. I will most certainly be deploying this, but I’m sure the real road warriors out there won’t be fully impressed. thanks for the help. I’m taken care of.


This was the first thing I asked when I got the initial beta running. How can I register to another PBX also. There are many good uses for the ability to have the app able to handle multiple registrations.

it’s probably the only softphone app on the market that can’t do it :slight_smile:

The Zulu desktop App could do this (login to multiple Extns from same or different PBXs) & was very useful for testing other PBX’s from my desktop & allowing me to have a presence & be contactable for support via an internal Extn on a clients PBX.

I would definitely vote to see this functionality carried over to the new Sangoma Phone desktop app.

i highly assume it’s coming; they just didn’t wanna wait to launch. like i said, the lamest 3rd party apps out there have multiple account options.

i will say though, of all them i’ve tried, this one works like a boss. they really rolled out a stable service with this one. i can be in and out of wi-fi, not bothering opening the app (to refresh the connection to the server) for hours and it just works. so far :slight_smile: it’s seems practically as stable as my cell phone’s service. just waiting for the multi-account option and i can pretend to be a total road warrior, not just half of one.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get the MOBILE app to login (email link triggers ‘Invalid Authentication’). The DESKTOP one works great & I use it everyday.

I guess I need to recheck everything. FMFM to my Mobile No gets around it for now.

likely a routing issue where your mobile can’t access the PBX at the signaling port.

Yes, checking the Port-Forwarding on my router will be the 1st option.

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Actually, it was an issue with the auto-created Sangoma Connect certificate, now resolved.