MSSQL contacts to Contact Manager

I have a mS SQL DB with all the locations, phone, address etc.

How can I have that send all the data to the contact manager in the external tab and have it update data as well when we change a phone number in sql with is our main datasource.

I doubt that the system directly supports MSSQL. I suspect that a CSV file export from your MSSQL database would make for a good start to make a local version.

From there, I think the Bulk Handler (or maybe even the Contact Manager) should be able to import your data.

I can easily have it export automatically a csv file. Questions now is then how do I have freepbx pickup that csv file automatically ?

I can manually import via the bulk handler but trying to avoid that process.

I think you can do a cron based process to pull the file in at regular intervals and update the internal database from there.

Think of this as a temporary feature and submit a feature request. Perhaps adding MSSQL support is simple enough that it could be done quickly, giving you real-time access…

TBH, I’d much rather see an AD integration (pick up the name, department, extension)… but that’s just me.

That is helpful for a different purpose than our needs.