MQTT with Call Flow Control

Hello! I am looking to trigger call flow controls via MQTT subscriptions inside of Node-Red. Specifically, I would like to trigger Call Flow Controls, multiple or just one depending on what input is active on a Raspberry Pi. I am new to all of this, so any tutorials or examples would be awesome!


@lgaetz has a cool series on Youtube going through Node Red and FreePBX. Start here - Open Source Pro Tips by Sangoma: #9 – Connecting to & Controlling FreePBX with Node-RED: Part 1 - YouTube

Why don’t you just use moquitto_pub to send the changes of the input and mosquitto_sub together with a generic bash script to process that information?

this looks like a good way to start. I’ll check it out. thanks!

If I was doing this, I would use the node red AMI connector to update an AstDB familiy/key and then use Dynamic routes to branch the call flow based on the value in the AstDB as shown here: Using Dynamic Routes for Call Flow Control

I do this with the AMI connector – using it to update a _PRESENT variable based on Life360 data indicating whether that person is in the house or not. Then I use dynamic routes to route calls to an extension to that persons mobile phone.

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