MP3 Playback Issue in CDR Reports

I’m having similar issues to what was reported earlier by assos40

MP3 playback in CDR has stopped working - I have no idea why - Can anyone help?

I’m running freepbx15 and all modules are up to date

If downgrading the module or reinstalling it doesn’t resolve, you may need to look at filing a bug report. You can use both post as examples to help them narrow down the issue.

Reinstalling didn’t work, updated to edge version didnt help. i’ll create a bug report. Thanks

Looks like there is no way to report a bug currently. has been taken down and I couldnt find a way to report a bug in github.

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Downgraded to v15.0.24 and it seems to be working now.

fwconsole ma downloadinstall cdr --tag 15.0.24

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