Moving to a new server, But using the same hard drive

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Hello i have a older Freepbx version. With the help of others from the past that helped me install this. What i wanted to do with my original system is move the hard drive to another system. Because I’m putting in a new smaller rack and the system is way to large to fit in there.

So my Question is which i can not find the answer to online is. If i move the hard drive to a new system with kind of the same specs quad core with 8Gb of memory. Would there be any problems in getting it up and running? The only thing i forgot to say is that I also have a Samgoma 4 channel FXO card for incoming analong lines. I’m unsure how i woud have to reset that back up to get it working sense i didn’t originally set it up. And the guy who helped me passed away i found out a few months back.

Any advice on how i can get prepaired on moving it to a new system? The only thing i was thinking of doing is getting a external FXO gateway. But the cost is anywhere from $125USD to $200USD unless there is another version that works good like the grandstream. I never had a problem in the past with them.



Before you do anything, update everything, OS and FPBX and take an image of the disk.

Cpu family to the same shouldn’t be a problem, intel to intel ok , amd to amd ok, 32bit to 64bit not ok.

Udev network persistant rules need deleting so eth0 remains eth0

Run Sangoma’s wanpipe setup to be sure but the DAHDI bit it produces should remain the same for FPBX

If you have any commercial modules they will stop working.

Otherwise, it is usually pretty simple for mbr booting disks, efi booting disks might need more massaging With a bootable ‘rescue’ iso on the new machine.
Which might mean that the bios on the new machine might need ‘legacy’ booting and efi adjustments to support an mbr disk.

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How old? Now might be the time to migrate to a supported version. The Backup and Restore module in 15 will allow you to restore legacy backups directly.

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