Moving several branch offices boxes into one

Hey there

For various reasons including needing a seperate network I was unable to influence that our phones and softphones would be running on, and another network over which the SIP trunks would connect, I used a FreePBX install in each of our branch offices (10) and connected them all up via IAX2.

That’s no longer the case, we will be going to one network, and our main office is upgrading to Fibre, so I am looking to move all of our FreePBX boxes into one. The way I see it I have three options here:

  1. Have the local phones and softphones connect to the new master FreePBX box over VPN (some of these VPN links will be Fibre, other will be 20Mb down / 1Mb up links)
  2. Have the local phones and softphones connect to the box over the internet (via it’s public IP)
  3. Keep a FreePBX install in each branch office

It’d be nice to have all of the call statistics and maintenance condensed into one box. What are your guys experience with this? Doing FreePBX & Asterisk upgrades on 1 server rather than 10 is a nice thought. I guess that there could be some latency over the VPN, particularly with the regular ADSL links, but I’ve never tried to connect to a FreePBX box via the internet. Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

If any FreePBX developers read this, thanks for your great work