Moving our existing PBX to an VM

Hi everybody,

we want to move our existing FreePBX (on a physical server, with one hardware-lock left and a purchased fax-pro-module) to a VM.
So, i already searched through the internet and on the freepbx-wiki.

Could you please confirm or correct me, that our following plan is feasible:

  • login to the sangoma portal and click the hardware-lock-reset button according to the deployment-id we want to move

  • set up the new PBX (new ISO --> fresh install)

  • on the new PBX: System-Admin–> activate --> login with our sangoma credentials and acitvate a existing deployment-ID (on which we used the hardware-reset-button before)

  • the commercial-fax-pro-module should be installable now, right?

  • import the general backup from the old PBX into our new PBX (we’ve done this before, just for test-purpose).

So, thats our plan - what do you think about it?

best regards and thank you for the help!

Looks okay. If something goes wrong and you run out of hardware resets, you can request another with a support ticket.

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You can install everything without any licensing. You just cannot use it.

This is helpful if you want to setup a new system and then restore a backup. As long as the modules are installed, the data will be restored into the database.

Then once you move the activation, you will be able to use the module.


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