Moving from FreePBX13 -> 16, advice wanted

Our Firm is using FreePBX 13 and having trouble getting voicemails to send to Microsoft 365. Our guess is updating to FreePBX 16 will make this much easier.

Any tips, tricks, or pitfalls we should be aware of?

You should upgrade to 16 no matter what but I suspect it might not solve your email delivery issues.

As far as how to upgrade. I would take a full backup of the current system and just restore to a fresh install of 16. The backup/restore functionality in 16 is fantastic.

As far as email delivery to Office 365 you should probably follow Option 3 in these instructions to setup a connector in O365 to accept email relay/delivery from the PBX.

Chances are that it will. SNG6 doesn’t have the modern TLS/SSL versions installed. MS and other SMTP gateways require pretty recent versions.

Fair point.

If you can start with a clean install and migrate your data, I personally prefer that (vs. updating existing instance).

Look at virtualization as an option if you are not already virtualized. That can be helpful.

If you are using a lot of the commercial modules, check the cost/benefit of moving to PBXact (commercial modules included) vs. FreePBX 16.

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