Moving CDR and CEL from old server to new server


I have the exact need as described in this post below by @lgaetz

I had the old PBX on failing hardware. I spun up a new PBX on new hardware, and then did a backup and restore to the new PBX using the built in backup/restore. Everything appeared to work great. Weeks later, I realized that the CDRs/CELs didn’t come over properly. But now the problem is that I now have a lot of new CDRs in the new PBX. How am I able to import the old CDRs/CELs to the new PBX properly, without overwriting the new CDRs?

Thanks in advance!

On the old database

mysqldump --skip-add-drop-table --no-create-info --no-create-db  asteriskcdrdb

should create a long mysql statement that could be imported into the new one if the structure is identical

I did this and looked in the file. In the CDR part of the file, everything looks like it would work for import. However, in the CEL section of the dump, the first column has IDs in it. The new system already has activity on it and records/IDs in it. How can I import this properly, assuming that if I try to import as is, there is a great chance of having duplicate IDs. Perhaps mySQL handles this on its own? Or is there a n option to run during export or import that ignores the IDs and creates new ones?

‘ALTER’ columns to suit before dumping it

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