Moving a freePBX installation from RaspberryPI to PC

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I have set up a small installation for a client with 1 trunk and 6 extensions on a raspberryPi. Due to the nature of the device, every SD card fails after a 2-3 months period, in which case I have to always keep an sd card backed up and ready with any changes I might make so that he has as minimal downtime as possible.

Is there a way I can migrate the installation from the pi to an sff - low consumption PC? I would like to avoid the hassle of unregistering and reregistering the product if that’s possible.

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Lots of things are possible. Unfortunately the Pi is not a supported distro, so you would need to do things manually. As long as the domain or IP is the same, you should be fine. But using tools like the bulk handler (if you have it on the Pi), could help.

As an alternative, if the pi is working elsewise, have you considered booting from USB?

The first part of your answer implies using the handler to back up and export the config and then import it again on a fresh installation right? Does booting from USB require any reinstallations? As I said, I am trying to avoid any extra steps since the client might not pay me eventually and I don’t want to have waste hours on making this work.

That is not normal. I have a couple of Pi FreePBX installs on the same card for 3+ years. Innumerable other Pis on the same card for years.

Not saying SD cards don’t die, but multiple failures after only 2-3 months means something else is wrong.

The most frequent error I get is this one :

ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysql.sock

and since I don’t know how the person that set it up configured it I am forced to just load the backup on a new sd card every time.

I guess I have to do some more research since I haven’t actually looked at the root issue.

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I assume you’ve confirmed you aren’t just running out of space? Almost sounds like it - consistently failing in the same amount of time after restore, assuming similar amounts of data.

Otherwise with Pi’s, look to the power supply. A marginal supply can cause all sorts of issues.

It’s also possible you just have a bad Pi - they do happen.

Lastly, @comtech’s suggestion of moving to an SSD makes sense. No money wasted, the SSD can be re-purposed to the PC if you ultimately need to change.

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