Move to pjsip from chan_sip?

(David Johnson) #1

I saw this updated “news” about migrating to pjsip since chan_sip is deprecated
but how do we handle the NAT issue? I cant tell you how many phones I have using chan_sip because the NAT feature is not working in pjsip. Maybe I am missing something but in chan_sip I have to set the NAT to YES (forced) for my remote phones to work. Every time I tried pjsip I can not get these phones to work and I dont see the NAT option in the pjsip settings page??? What am I missing?

(Joshua C. Colp) #2

Someone else will likely chime in on where and what they are in FreePBX, but from a general PJSIP perspective it has the same functionality for NAT handling as chan_sip except it uses separate options instead of a singular “nat” option. Rewrite Contact, Symmetric RTP, Force RPort, Direct Media. There are also options on the transport in case Asterisk itself is behind NAT.

(David Johnson) #3

ok, I will do some searching in the GUI.