Move recordings to NAS and mount to Freepbx?

I have a customer who has over 500 GB of recordings they want to mount so they can access them with recording reports. I would like freepbx to also record directly to this area. What is the best method to accomplish this?

you can change astspooldir in the gui, if you do that, then its probably a good to also set

cache_record_files = yes ; Cache recorded sound files to another directory during recording.
record_cache_dir = (preferably on localhost but in the LAN not unacceptable.

in /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf

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I’ll play with this. Will I be able to access them direct off the NAS with recording reports?

Given the right permissions, there is no reason that it wouldn’t be so able.

one thing we did was to create an NFS Mount of our external NAS storage, and then simply map the recording folder to be that NFS-Mounted folder.

Symlinks for fun and profit :slight_smile:

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