Move from 5.211 to 6.12 Beta Track... commercial modules

Is there a way to move from the 5.211 track to the 6.12 Beta track and still keep access to my commercial modules.

In the past I would just roll a new virtual machine with the new version, migrate or recreate my configs and carry on. If there were too many issues I’d just shut down and go back to the old virtual machine.

However now with commercial modules in play it’s not that easy. If I’m understanding I can transfer the modules ZEND or whatever to a new system, but I can only do this once?

I’m small and don’t have the luxury of being able to set up a lab scenario with additional phones and such to test the new versions, but by virtue of being small unless the bugs are HUGE I have the flexibility to run a beta in what I’d classify as limited-production (ie. if my phones are down for a couple of hours no big issue). By the same light to truly test this way I need to have the whole ball of wax including my commercial modules.

Is there an easy solution (aside from waiting for beta to become stable and upgrade via upgrade script)?


You won’t have to reinstall there will be an upgrade path but we purposely don’t provide those paths until it is stable. Though I am thinking about changing that perhaps through an outside procedure. The problem is that we have not fully run through the upgrade processes from 2.11 to 12 it could completely break your system.

Give it a month of Beta and I will provide a 5.211.65 to 6.12.65 upgrade script. Just need to make sure things are stable first. We just went Beta last week

I too will be interested in participating in beta testing your beta script to upgrade to beta :). We are a small mom & pop business that has not gone live with 5.211 yet (I’ve been “testing” it for 6 months, lol). Might be a good test case if you can help us go live with an upgraded server.

Interesting. I always thought that partecipating in something (whatever) in Alpha/Beta stage need to be done in a different (use another Hardware or another VM) environment, eventually separated from what I consider the production stable system in order to don’t touch it when playing with the Alpha/Beta system.

If I were you @jcbdmd I will avoid to “partecipating in beta testing” trying to upgrade (which is an option currently not offered, as explained) a good and stable live/production system: If you really want do things in such way this means that your live/production system is not so imporant and you are able to take the risky way (not the milky one!) and ending with an unstable system in production zone.

The main challenge of FreePBX developers is (IMHO and clarified here) to provide a stable FreePBX/FreePBX Distro and a stable path to upgrade (if you want/need) to it from actual stable FreePBX 5.211.65 track…I think they don’t want you to take the risk (now!) touching your running stable system.

Isn’t it?

Well it’s running right now but not being used. I thought that maybe if our small 8 phone/low call volume office was a guinea pig, we might get some free support in the deal while we try to go live. :smile:

You can get free support here. If you really want to risk completely breaking your system then PM me. It’s a single line command that will bring you up to freepbx 12, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

freepbx 12 AND asterisk 12? Let’s do it! :smile: I guess I can restore to an image if it totally borks the system.

No their is no upgrade scripts yet. Andrew was referring to upgrading from FreePBX 2.11 to 12 in gerneic terms. If you did this you would never be able to use Distro upgrade scripts moving forward. Please just wait a but tell we publish a official mechanism for this.

Yeah, I figured. I would want the automatic module updates to work, as well as the SysAdmin Pro update function to work. EndPoint manager is the only other commercial module I own, so I think I should be able to do it when y’all release the upgrade scripts.

Sorry to hijack your thread mcisar, but this thread has much more relevant information in it than the one I started.

Looking for testers to test the upgrade script. 5.211.65-X to 6.12.65 upgrade script