Move appliance Sangoma FreePBX to VM as a backup

Good day,

We have two Sangoma 100 appliances (one was as a spare), one had issues, luckily we had the other as backup -all is working ok.
As further measures, I would like to find out if we can virutalize the current unit with all the setups and configs as is (purely for redundancy)

Furthermore - should this be possible, I would like more info on the following:

  1. Can we use the Sangoma virtual appliance image with our Sangoma hardware platform licences or what do we need to do to run it as a VM and how do I go about this?
  2. Can these (appliance and VM) run in primary/secondary mode - as failover should the appliance fail?

Any other suggestions on this?

Basically I want to virtualize my appliance, have it constantly updating with the VM, should the appliance fail, kick up the VM and have little to no interruptions on any calls.

I believe a “Warm Spare Setup” is what you are looking for:

If you have licenced modules you need to purchase licences for the warm spare server as well (I think… never done it myself yet)

Thinking about it, you get 2 hardware resets for your module licences. I guess you could use that with the warm spare setup.