Most CPU efficient ring strategy for queues

Hello, One of my customers is an entertainment venue. When tickets for a new event first go on sale their box office queue is flooded with calls for a few hours and they go from 3 to about 20 agents logged into their queue. When this happens the CPU of course spikes and call quality degrades. Are any of the queue ring strategies easier on the CPU than others?

I imagine the strategies that do not ring everyone are lighter, but they can be many unique variables per box. Are you able to test?

testing in a controlled environment is difficult as the customer’s primary concern is in answering calls as quickly as possible. It makes controlling variables like how many agents are logged in difficult. A long time ago they were using Elastix 2.2 and I remember reading something about Ring All being best because the ACD didn’t have to calculate anything about which agent the next call would go to. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that post. I haven’t been able to find any discussions on this in recent years though.

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