Morning call to multiple extensions. Ring Group


Looking to call 1 extension which will ring 3 extensions. The extensions should continue to ring after the caller goes off hook. The call should continue until the extension called goes off hook. Once the called extension goes off hook, I would like to play an audio file.

The real world application is I would like to use it as a wakeup call.


Sangoma has a commercial module for hospitality. That does wake up calls.

Or you can write some custom dial plan.

Let me see if I can summarize your request.

You want to place a single call (or fire up a single call file) that calls three numbers. When all three phones have picked up the phone, you play the message file?

If that’s the case, there is going to be a problem. Each of the calls to the phones is a separate call from the PBX - they are only related by the fact that you think they are. In order to do this, you’ll have to write a custom context and handled each of the calls and (for example) bridges them into a conference, and the message played to the conference only happens after all three phones are picked up. The other problem I see is error handling: what are you going to do if none, one, or two of the phones pick up. The ‘all three’ version of the caller is already a challenge - adding the complexity of one or more of the phones never picking up makes this harder.

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