More than one DID per trunk?

I have my FreePBX working, but I had a question about implementation.

I have a range of DIDs. They are sequential. Do I need to setup an incoming TRUNK for each DID or is there an easier way?

For example, I am currently setting up an SIP trunk per DID? Is this the most efficient way to do this?



do u mean ‘inbound routes’?

if so
use patterns if several dids have the same destination

if dids must go to different dest u have to create many inbound routes one per dest

I have subscribed 10 DIDs from my local IP VoIP provider. This gives me 10 local Sydney DIDs.

Currently, I have setup 1 SIP Trunk per DID (local number). Therefore I have 10 trunks. Is there anyway to have 1 Trunk asscociate to this particular provider but have all 10 DIDs associated with the 1 trunk versus having 10 separate trunks.

it depends on if your provider will allow a single registration but send you all your DIDs to it, assuming you register. Many do operate that way and it is much more convenient.

Ok spoke to my provider and they will send me all my DIDs down the one trunk. thanks for the advice.