More "human" CDR reports

Is there a way to have CDR reports more human-friendly ?
Does an external third-party software exist ?
Mostly for an unexperienced operator having to collect and report phone traffic to its company.

are you looking for something like the cdrstats tool / asternic?

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Demo Site:

Do you have a “business intelligence” software in place now like Microsoft Power BI or Pentaho?

Whatever you use to report on SQL data you can probably use to generate custom reports of your CDR. It’s in its own MySQL database in one flat table.

I’ve been using Queuemetrics for the last couple of years and I find that it’s quite useful.

It has a separate license so keep that in mind. There is a 30 day trial and they set it up for you.

Otherwise you can use some Excel tables and the FreePBX logs (like I used to).

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