Monitoring extensions? (cant find recent infos)

Hello everyone, I founded some treads with the same question but they are all reeeeally old (like around 2010)

i read about “FOP2” but i was just wondering if there is an up-to-date way to monitoring the status of my estension (like see wich are actually busy, and what number they are caling and stuffs like this)


It’s still one way to do it. There is/was an experimental management screen the FreePBX team was kicking around a few months ago, but I haven’t seen anything on it is a while. Perhaps @tm1000 Andrew remembers what happened or is happening with that.

Queue Wallboard is in the store already.

Thanks for your answers and sorry for not replying in a short time but i was busy with other works ^^

i’ll get some info about those solutions and will figure out wich is the best one for me,

I have purchased queue wallboard and I must say I’m really disappointed, no real data showing at all.

I have been using FOP2 and was hoping to be able to replace it with something that looks nicer and is integrated into UCP, even if it means paying a lot more.

But you cannot see the numbers that are calling in, nor who is logged in to the queue, you can’t even see who an agent is talking to.

It just shows you that 3 agents are logged in to the queue for example, or that 2 calls are waiting, it’s not even enough for a reporting tool let alone operator panel.

Besides it has multiple issues with some agents status’ shown as unknown? I know it’s a beta but if they charge like if it was a premium ready product without even offering a trial of any sort, I am expecting some functionality.

Actually i read o lot of other post where people are really unsatisfied by those addons
And since i want my PBX to be completly free i will forget about traking extensions status… its actually not such a big deal ^^

I do recommend you should try out FOP2, It is free for up to 15 extensions and although not so pretty it’s really powerful and easy to install/use.

You know, I have been thinking about this.
Seems like it would be fairly easy to make a nice web interface that takes the output of ‘sip show subscriptions’ or some other asterisk command, parse it, and turn it into a nice little wallboard just showing extension status.

I don’t do much PHP programming, but it seems like it wouldn’t be difficult…
If it didn’t have to be 100% “Live”, you could refresh the page every 10 seconds or whatever. Maybe a “Green” dot showing idle, “yellow” dot showing in use, “red” dot showing not connected?

What do you guys think?

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before trying out FreePBX, i was using 3CX and it has exactly what you just described!

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