Monitoring active Calls

Hey All,

Just a quick question I hope for someone with a little more experience than I.
I want to keep an eye on how many active calls I have in place and set up alerts if these get too high throughout the day.
I was wondering what exactly I should be monitoring though…

In theory I was going to set up an script to connect and run “core show calls” or "core show channels"
The problem with this is that we use a couple of Q’s so when a call comes in it will ring a bunch of phones and this results in temporarily the active calls and active channels jumping by however many phones are ringing.

I only care to see if I am nearing my quota with my SIP provider for active channels so if I am just creating channels between internal server and phones I dont really want to monitor it.

Does this make sense?
Or if people have better ideas in general on how to monitor I would love to hear them.

Thanks Folks.

Asterisk has an SNMP MIB that includes active calls.

I dont suppose you know of a good walkthrough/guide for getting it up and running?

In this post I have a “step by step”

Let me ask because in the hands of the uninformed “step by step to flying a 747” isn’t going to get you much but a smoking crater. Do you know what SNMP is? Once you have it running do you have a favorite SNMP application and know how to install vendor MIB’s?

ba dum tisch :slight_smile:

Thanks Skyking - yes reasonably familiar with SNMP and trap alerts in general.
Really what i need is the OID to keep an eye on which I guess I’ll find with that handy website Dicko mentioned :slight_smile:

But you know, if someone had the step by step process already done that did exactly what i need then why rediscover the wheel.
Thanks though, your nagios post seems to be what i’m looking for.

Personally I use WhatsUp to monitor SNMP and our environment in general - its not great but it works and is in place already.

What’s Up Gold works very well. I added all the Asterisk OID’s I was interested in as custom performance monitors.

It’s not traps you want, it’s the data in the MIB’s you can poll for.

Cool - I’ll give it a bash later in lab and see how well it works.

Thanks again,