Monitor Trunk Failures with Jabber notifications

Hi guys!
I want to receive notifications by Jabber when the trunk is down.
This can be done?

Each trunk has a ‘monitor trunk failures’ box, you can run any agi script here, it only is triggered after a call fail though, more pro-active monitoring is not in FBX

I do the following:

  • Run Telegraf on the PBX machine
  • Have extra scripts run using execd plugin
  • The scripts run asterisk -x 'pjsip show aors'and asterisk -x 'sip show peers'. The output is piped to an interpreter which transforms the results to InfluxDB line
  • Save status of contacts/trunk in InfluxDB
  • Use Grafana for alerting

Some of those steps might apply to you as well…

Not sure if I fully understood these solutions. Isn’t there an easier way?

Make a script that runs this (assuming PJSIP) command at whatever frequency you want.
rasterisk -x 'pjsip show aors' | grep Contact

Parse the script for the status column or RTT column to be out of whatever normal tolerance you desire

all tunks up.

one trunk down.

You could be more specific if you know your trunk names.

Many thanks for your idea! I’ll try to do it!

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