Monitor Trunk Failure Script

is there a script that allows a cloud based FreePBX monitor trunk to a remote site. and if it detects that trunk is offline have any calls to a DID on that trunk reroute to a phone number, like a cell phone?

What do you mean to monitor the Trunk on the remote site?

Assuming you have phones at a remote site, and if the remote site goes down you want to send the calls to cellphones instead.

Yes, you can write a custom script which checks if the extensions are online.

Or you can setup in the GUI
The unreachable destination to a Misc Destination which call a cellphone

baically a networked PBX scenario, one in the cloud and one on premise. we set up a FreePBX in the cloud for the static IP and set up a registered trunk from the on premise PBX to the FreePBX . the DID routes into the Freepbx and passes out the trunk to the on premise PBX. If my internet were to go down.
I would like it detected and any calls rerouted to a cell phone or extension on FreePBX forwarded to a cell

If anyone knows how to do this, we are willing to pay a reasonable sum for the script. All I need to be able to do is change the phone number that the monitoring script send the call too.

@reconwireless from Sangoma wrote this one

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