Monitor and report on number of voice mails

I have been searching around and have not yet found a way to monitor the number of voice mails in a mailbox and send an alert to an email address. It does not appear that this is a feature of FreePBX and I have not yet found any scripts to implement this task. Can anyone recommend a solution?

In FreePBX 2.9 you have Voicemail Admin that show all mailboxes and their usage.
You can configure each extensions voicemail to send an email whenever a new voicemail is left on the voicemail mailbox.

I understand that I can log into the system and check how many voice mails each user has.

I was looking for something automated that would send an email to a person when an extension was approaching the limit of how many voice mails were allowed.

For example, if I have 50 voice mails max per extension and extension 6000 has 45 voice mails I would like the an email sent to the person who uses extension 6000 that they are reaching the upper limit. Once extension 6000 has 50 voice mails I would like the system to send an email that they have reached their limit.