MOH won't removed deleted sound files

FreePBX 16
Current Asterisk Version:18.17.1

Found a bug I think… Edited the MOH files with my own sound files and inadvertently added a sound file I didn’t want it there. I deleted it from the list of files, save, apply.

When I go back into that MOH the file is there again… wash, rinse, repeat and again… it’s still there.

Did fwconsole chown thinking maybe a permissions issue. Nope.

finally had to ssh into the system and remove the file manually from /var/lib/asterisk/moh

Upon further testing, it appears the issue is a file with [ ] in the filename. Any file I add through the MOH gui with a [ or ] in the name cannot be deleted through the MOH gui.

Bug reports need to be submitted to Sangoma.
System Dashboard - Sangoma Issue Tracker (

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