MOH Upload Error

  • V 1.4.22
    MOH V

When attempting to upload a wav file in Music on Hold I get the following error:

Error Processing: “sox: Can’t open input file ‘/var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3/orig_MusicTest.wav’: No such file or directory” for MusicTest.wav!

I determined the folder mohmp3 did not exist, therefore I created it with same perms and ownership as the other folders. But still get the error. I also do not see any of the default music files nor have the option to select them.

you have not provided enough details. What are the permissions of the other folders and what did you set it to?

quick guess is that the permissions are wrong to begin with. try running the command: amportal chown
and see if that fixes the issue, if not you’ll need to provide a lot more details.

you need to watch as linux is case sensitive and windows is not.

It is a common mistake to type a name that works in windows when uploading but does not match the case in linux and have it fail because of it.

Also be aware that it is possible in Windows to have settings enabled so that it changes the actual case of the file name (or parts of the name and extension) when displayed from what it really is and that will cause the same issue so what you see is NOT always what you get.

I had to upload the audio files manually after I created that directory. Uploading via web interface isn’t working.

In my case, it has nothing to do with case sensitivity, I’m using a Mac. I installed AsteriskNOW 1.5 and that directory simply didn’t exist. I also had to install sox and mpg123 (just in case). As for the file perms, they’re 0600 and owned by apache. So, every time I upload a new sound file, I have to change the perms from the shell.

Please report that as a bug with AsteriskNow so that they fix it before going final.