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A client of ours thinks the MOH is playing the same twenty songs over and over. (has a list of 100). Random is selected. Says people on hold for extended periods of time complain. (This company can have people on hold (Queue) for a long time.

Doesn’t want us listening and then telling him it’s okay. Wants proof in the form of a print out. And doesn’t want any of his people burning time checking it.

Is there a way to log what songs are being played over a period of time so we can print out and the client can see what has played?

You could look through the logs and write a grep command to find them all and print them out but it would take some serious time to do.

Which logs?

If he’s got people on hold long enough to hear 20 tracks repeat themselves, no wonder his clients are complaining.

20 x 3min = 60 mins, hearing that they’ve been repeated = another 60 minutes.

I’d be pissed if I was on hold anywhere close to 60 minutes.


Are those 100 or even 20 songs in the public domain. If not, is he licensed through ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC to use them?


Mark, you have been around long enough to know where the log files are /var/log/asterisk.

You also need to read up on how to use the Linux command grep.

When you have a problem like this, go to your Asterisk book (you do have a copy of Jarod’s Asterisk Bookss) and read up on MOH so you understand what FreePBX is doing with Asterisk.

You will also discover that Asterisk has several MOH commands on the CLI that allow you to list the current Playlist.

Lastly, when faced with an unreasonable customer it is always OK to say “NO” and offer another solution. Frequently I have to do this when customers try and solve management problems with a technical solutions.

SkykingOH: Yep, I HAVE been around awhile, but running three companies doesn’t allow me time to sit around and become a linux/asterisk guru like yourself. And I suppose Jarod’s Asterisk Bookss is in reference to the book by Jim Van Meggelen, Jared Smith, and Leif Madsen, Asterisk: The Future of Telephony?

And I make lots of money from “unreasonable” clients… because for “unreasonable requests” come invoices that match.

PaulE: High demand for his products make people willing to wait a long time and pay big bucks. Don’t we ALL wish for such success?

w5waf: One of my companies supplies music to businesses. So his fees to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC are paid through his agreement with us. We are a fully licensed provider with agreements to the artists’ rights organizations. The same way Muzak, DMX, Music Choice, Playnetworks etc are licensed.

Sorry for the poor typing, yes I was speaking of Jared’s original, “Asterisk, The Future of Telephony” He did not participate in the latest, “The Definitive Guide” but Leif and Jim did (I have never met them) and Russell filled the voice. Russell left Digium so it will be interesting how the torch is passed.

WRT unreasonable customers, some folks are just too unreasonable. If you drop everything and help them they will never learn any better and plan for projects. I would rather work with my clients as a partner.

Now on to this quote:

Knowing where the logs are located is hardly guru stuff. In fact it’s 101 level knowledge. If you can’t make that level of commitment, and you are either deriving revenue directly or indirectly from Asterisk/FreePBX I think you should consider using the FreePBX support.

Don’t take this as mean spirited, just a lively debate.

@markwho - I found this thread looking for content for MoH… what is your company who sells/licenses this sort of music?

Soundwave Media

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