MOH server


In order to reduce load on our Asterisk server I was thinking about putting the Music On Hold on a seperate server and point our phones to that server.

After googling a while I can’t really find a good tutorial on how to install a MOH server. I was hoping anyone here can point me to the right direction on how to build such a server?
I don’t want to stream audio from radio stations, just some mp3/wav files with spoken text and predefined music (like christmas songs in december etc.)

Any good ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I tried streaming some mp3 media from VLC (as a server) and it worked!

SHould give it a shot!

I followed the 2nd post from HERE and it worked perfectly. It’s nice to have instant music control, plus as you mentioned it frees up some system resources.

What makes you think streaming music from MOH server will save CPU cycles ?
You should convert all your files into the format which can be used without transcoding.
*CLI> file convert
command comes very handy.

I tried installing VLC but ran in to a lot of problems with the input device (probably because it’s a VM).

@sanjayws: do you happen to have a manual on how you installed it? I’d like to try that since the manuals I found on google didn’t get the job done.

I was also looking on installing mpg123 and so far I have that working on a seperate server but I don’t know how to fill in in my musiconhold.conf file.

Anyone who can help me with that?

James, i don’t have a manual,…sorry :frowning:

Why not just use the freepbx’s MOH module?

I think its really no big deal to play them all off the server, i mean, the processing power today is simply sufficient, really.