MOH Issues

Today I upgraded FREEPBX on my pbx in a flash box to After this upgrade only the “default” MOH will play. I have 2 streaming services that were used for different DID’s that I have that worked flawlessly until Today.

The default MOH on each DID is set to their own streaming MOH option.

Is anyone else having this issue?

the module derives all of its information directly form the moh directory and substructure.

There are some special files that it uses to store the information for streaming categories. It should not mess with anything unless you go into the GUI and make changes.

Did you do anything else beyond the upgrade? Is it possible it is looking in moh instead of mohmp3 (or the opposite), which is not settable in amportal.conf but the default if not set is mohmp3 since that is where we always expected things in the past?

Thanks btw for getting back to me so fast!

I’ve never changed anything setting wise… just did the upgrade and then nothing but the basic default hold music will play.

It seems if I re-create the MOH option, it fixes the issue. The same info is used and everything…

By using the GUI, and creating a new one, suddenly got the old ones working again… Not sure if something was corrupt after the upgrade or what.

Same thing happened to me when I upgraded to Free PBX 2.8.0. Deleted/created one of the MOH streams, and the reminder started working.