MoH in Queue

I have FreePBX 2.1.1 installed ext set up trunks ect everything is working correctly with exception to a small glitch. i have a Queue 800 set up for Sales with 1 ext number as a static agent. when i call into the IVR press 1 for sales i go into the queue with no problems, the glitch is if the static agent does not pick up the ringing call at that ext, or if the ext is busy after the timeout, the MOH skips and stars over, it is not a problem at this point, but… if it were a custom advertisement 1.2 through it would start over. anyone have a suggestion of to where to beging to look to track down this issue? doing a SIP debug shows no errors and the macros are doing exactly what they did in AAH 2.8, which worked without a flaw in this same config.

thanks in advance.

You would have to go back to the OLD MOH

Or setup your shoutcast server and stream the MOH that way you control the content