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I am a ham radio operator and we use this pbx system as another form of communications. One of the other guys mentioned to me how it would be nice to have an audio stream of our local NOAA weather radio. My problem is I can only find the stream from broadcastify which streams from HTTPS and mpg123 will not stream from HTTPS only http protocol. I’ve tried a few tricks with curl and so on but have had no luck. I’ve even tried ffmpeg but still had no success… Is there something I am missing? Is it just not possible to stream from an https source like broadcastify? I have been searching the net since last night and still have not figured this out.

ffmpeg or sox with the mp3 libs installed can stream https

sox  -q  -t mp3  -d

would stream bbc world service to the default audio out device

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Maybe you could just call them. Recorded Weather Forecasts

the install of sox does not include an mp3 handler on freepbx unfortunately. Ill have to try and find a way to add it.

look for libsox rpm’s in redhat , if they don’t have one for mp3 then

ffmpeg -re -hide_banner -log-level -8  -i https://your.mp3.url  -acodec mp3 -ar 8000 -ac 1  -vn -f wav - 

would work similarly sending in realtime, quietly, audio from your mp3 encoded stream as 8k,mono, wav formatted output (with no video) to /dev/stdout


(I am not a RedHat of any variety, but that route might be easier than recompiling sox, so go "Ham it Up :wink: " )

Is your PBX on local hardware? Does the hardware have a sound card, and do you have a spare VHF radio that you could tune to the NOAA station? (I’ve never met a ham that did not have at least one spare radio available.) Just another idea–capture sound card input.

This might be preferable to streaming because the stream is continuous. (If you have a lot of network bandwidth available you may not care.)

It is local but I have it running on a virtual machine on a rack mount server I have. I think im going to have to just bite the bullet and give up one of my computers to streaming it. I have an SDR dongle and what not that I could do it with but that’s what I was trying to avoid.

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dont know if HAM is different, and I don’t know what the local laws in your area are, but be aware, rebroadcasting the radio into MoH MIGHT not be legal.

I know here, I’ve had to caution many many people that without a broadcast license they cant just jack the FM Radio into their PBX.

I think NOAA is a US federal service, so there are probably no intellectual property rights claimed. US hams seem to be able to do lots of things that wouldn’t be allowed in other countries, e.g. they can provide phone patch services for non-hams, that wouldn’t be allowed in the UK. I think the difference is that, in most of the world, you can’t do things that you could charge for, but in the US you just can’t charge for things.

I would have thought the real problem with commercial radio transmissions related to performing rights. I suspect a lot of people who want to do that don’t really understand the concept of IPR.

People who provide third party internet streams generally don’t allow you to re-use them. To me the private and personal part of “Any use of any of the materials on this site other than for private, personal, non-commercial viewing purposes is strictly prohibited unless a license is obtained from Broadcastify” would not allow them to be used as the stream source without a separate, explicit, licence. Taken from section 8 of Broadcastify - Terms and Conditions

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Well I am definitely not charging anything for the service. I allow users to have extensions on my server for absolutely free as long as they have a current amateur radio license. I don’t think they mind too much about me streaming it to the pbx since im not charging and this is something everyone can receive for free with a weather radio or 30$ handheld radio. I do have it working now. I ended up setting up my SDR Dongle and a private shoutcast server and streaming it to myself and then to the pbx.

definitely plausible.

I mostly chimed in with respect to “I searched for how to get a stream into my MoH and this guy has done it!”, and wanting to make sure Someone mentioned the potential legal issues if they try it themselves. :slight_smile:

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