MOH for ring group stuck on DEFAULT

Hi everyone, I have multiple inbound numbers arriving over a single sip trunk.

Inbound routes work fine, I send each incoming number to a different ring group.
Each ring group has its own Announcement and MOH setting.

However all inbound calls only get the default MOH, even though they all play the different announcements, so I know they are diverting to the correct ring group. The crazy thing is if I dial the ring groups on an internal handset I get the correct Announcement and MOH.

So something is overriding my Ring Group MOH setting, and forcing it to the default.

FreePBX, Asterisk 13.26.0

I have spent a couple of days myself before reaching out for help, any pointers would be greatly appreciated .

Possibly, the MOH setting for the Inbound Route is taking precedence. Try setting it to match what the Ring Group is using.

Good suggestion Stewart1,
But sadly I have tried setting the inbound route MOH to none, and also to the same MOH category as in the Ring Group, both settings still only produce the default MOH to be heard.

Maybe it is just something quirky with my OS build, as it is looking like others are not experiencing my problem. I guess the next stop is a total rebuild from scratch to see if everything works correctly.

What happens when you call the Ring Group from internal, do you get the correct MOH?

Hi PitzKey,

Yes, calling from internal gets correct ring group MOH.

I thought it might have been my particular machine, but I built a new one over the weekend and got the same issue, only thing common to the original system was my SIP trunk provider.

Calling the ring group internally gets correct MOH, inbound SIP trunk call to the same ring group seems to be forced to default MOH. I have tried changing the MOH setting on the inbound route, but that makes no difference.

So, I do not know how to diagnose this next bit, but either my SIP trunk provider is sending something that overrides my MOH settings, or I have somehow misconfigured the trunk setting???

Can you post a full call log?

Use pastebin please


pastebin is here

Now that you have shown me how to pull out a trace log, I can see my MOH being mentioned as “TriadMOH”

Strangely, later it seems to drop the first letter calling it “riadMOH” , maybe this is the problem???

Thank You for any feedback

Yes that’s the problem, it doesn’t find that MOH

[2019-07-22 07:41:49] WARNING[14545][C-0000000d] res_musiconhold.c: Music on Hold class 'riadMOH' not found in memory. Verify your configuration.
[2019-07-22 07:41:49] WARNING[14545][C-0000000d] res_musiconhold.c: Music on Hold class 'riadMOH' not found in memory. Verify your configuration.
[2019-07-22 07:41:49] VERBOSE[14545][C-0000000d] res_musiconhold.c: Started music on hold, class 'default', on channel 'PJSIP/FaktorTel_VicPt-00000021'

Can you post now a trace of an internal call to 6001?

Okay here are the internal logs

And I can see the correct name for MOH name is retainedin full . . . So I guess it will be a question of why the outside call gest one letter of the MOH truncated??


Wait. Isn’t this the bad version that was pulled from the repos?

Maybe try to re-install Asterisk


I built a whole new machine 2 days from the current repo and got the same result, but thanks to you I can now fix the problem!!

Further testing of MOH names and what they morphed to on my system.
(FAIL) TriadMOH --> riadMOH
(FAIL) 0TriadMOH --> 0riadMOH
(OKAY) ProfVoiceOver --> ProfVoiceOver
(FAIL) Prof-MOH-Triad --> Prof-MOH-riad
(OKAY) prof-MOH-triad --> prof-MOH-triad

So the only pattern I can see was using a capital ‘T’ followed by a lower case ‘r’

The only way others are not seeing the same problem as I am may be because I also have Triad-Main as the inbound route name (Triad being the main company name)

So some how asterisk is parsing the route name and damaging the MOH name???
Crazy guess but why else would no one else be having the same problem?

It must still be a bug, but any way, by avoiding the capital ‘T’, I now have a working system.
Final MOH name is ‘prof-MOH-triad’

Thank you very much for helping me get this resolved.

Sorry, I just reread your comment above.

Yes, I am running FreePBX, Asterisk 13.26.0

And the system I quickly build a couple of days ago, I pulled the latest ISO image from the main download site and it had the same problem. So I thought I was using the latest & greatest.

I just tried to revisit the page to check, but it seems to be down ATM.

Taking about the Asterisk version.

However, I’d submit a bug report:

Make sure to specify that the issue is only when using specific letters in the category name.

(You may also want to link this topic)

Looks like there have been a few complaints about 13.26 already
But I will submit my issue, it seems quite unique.

Again, thank you for your assistance

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