MOH file size question

I’ve accessed etc/php.ini and altered the max upload to 32M and restarted httpd

Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
; PHP: Description of core php.ini directives - Manual
upload_max_filesize = 32M

But when I attempt to upload a 13M MOH file I see the following error which leads me to believe there is another setting elsewhere controlling upload size.

File size is too large. Max size is 8388608 bytes

It might be the post_max_size param in the same file, but I have no memory of ever needing to touch that setting.

there are generally separate php.ini’s for your SHELL and another for your web server.

(You will need to reload/retart your webserver after changes)

That did the trick. It makes sense as it was set to 8M. Once I altered it and restarted httpd I was able to upload a larger moh file. Thank you!

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