MOH between internal extensions intermittent & missing based on protocol (BUG?)

Again, latest FreePBX v2.4+ and simple/clean config.

  1. SIP -> SIP (and SCCP -> SIP if SCCP places hold) music on hold of SIP end can only be heard if you make noise on the line (e.g. blow into the phone), else it’s mute.
  • After years of no issue, the only change on our configuration was moving to Asterisk v1.4 (via PBIAF v1.2). Same/latest FreePBX on both.
  1. SCCP -> SIP (SIP places hold) nothing can be heard period on the SCCP end!
  • 7960 handset moved back to latest SCCP firmware (v8.0 (9.0)) for testing/evaluation of BLF on Cisco purposes.


    echocancel = on
    silencesuppression = off

Ideas anyone?