Modules Disabled

Noticed a problem today when a user tried to park a line they got an error ‘Failed to Load xml file 1’

Upon checking we noticed that Endpoint Manager and Phone Apps is disabled awaiting a security update.

im not sure if this is similar to SEC-2020-004 - Disabled Module Preventing Update
but our deployment i sunder 1 year and i thought we bought a 25 year license. And perhaps its not a license issue but why would the system be disabled instead of just notifying us? We cant just do an upgrade and reboot the server in the middle of a workweek.

Any ideas on why this is occurring? screenshots attached.


more than likely related to SEC-2020-004 - Disabled Module Preventing Update

How’s your EPM licensing? the two screenshots you posted appear to both show phoneapps.

Thanks for the reply. as i mentioned above im pretty sure we have a perpetual license. see attch. But its not even the licensing that concerns me…its more the fact that the software would basically cause a DOS because of an impending update. Its annoying.

So your commercial licenses can be used up to that expiration date. But support and updates are only free for the first year… then you pay small incremental updates for the additional years needed.

I agree it’s annoying… I’m having to go through lots of PBXes to run updates and then checking if they aren’t up to date with Upgrade Renewals then making sure it has those… so that I can then run the updates.
There is a way to prevent this from happening, in FPBX 14 and 15 you can disable Automatic Module Security Updates, it’s enabled by default. (Admin > Module Admin > Scheduler and Alerts)

However I also understand the other side of this… if a module has a known security vulnerability… disabling it until it can be updated does prevent it from being vulnerable. LOL.

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