Module upgrade

Hi All,

I’m new to asterisk but after 30 years a PABX guy have been forced to see the light. I have inherited a freePBX ver 2.5 system. The incoming SIP trunks go to day/night control and then off to a parallel ring group with 2 members. It does not ring both members together as I assume ringall would do. I was thinking of udgrading the ring group module but because the system is such an old release can I simply upgrade a module. It is only about 3 upgrades behind. Will I need to upgrade the system software before the upgrades are accepted. I dont really want to disrupt the customer.


Well FreePBX is 6 major version behind. You will also need to upgrade linux, dahdi and asterisk and everything else on your PBX to get upgraded to current revision.

It’s a huge security risk running such old system without upgrades. It might have been already compromised before you took over it. I would get a new installation up and running on another box and then transfer manually the configuration from the old box to the new one. And yes that will probably be a lot of work (: