Module Updates

Hi I have 2 systems with FreePBX 2.3.1 and both fail to connect to the online modules. I am behind a web proxy (Squid) and think the issue is with passing through it. I have confired a proxy server in the svn servers file and running by hand as root appears to work okay as does, other than some files fail to be added as they already exist.

DNS is configured okay and I have tried adding the mirror address to the hosts file.

Anyone any ideas?


Steven Jack
University of Glasgow

There are issues with non-transparent proxy servers but I am fairly certain that people have properly configured squid to work. Unfortunately I have not looked into Squid configuration enough to provide details. Also - check your firewall, if you are running something like a Sonicwall and have content filtering enabled, that will also block the downloads.

Thanks for the info, I checked the firewall settings and even turned it off! for a quick test.
Looks like a squid issue, but I don’t have access to the config for that, I guess it would need to affect more than this for that to be altered.
Is there any problem in running the scripts by hand? as this may be my only solution.