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Module update log - where are they stored?


I have updated freepbx distro 6.12.65-31 through the GUI in Module Admin and want to see what and when was updated.

I’m seeing an issue that just started with endpoint registrations, but I dont recall what module was updated and I’d like to rollback if it could be related.

(Andrew Nagy) #2

FreePBX doesn’t keep track of that.

(Fearx) #3

Still don’t keep? Just want to know about the modules, not the distro :v

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

Module updates are logged in ver. 14:

[root@asterisk]# grep Updated /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log

[2018-Jul-09 16:46:35] [UPDATE] (libraries/modulefunctions.class.php:2002) - Module: endpoint Updated to version
[2018-Jul-10 12:21:31] [UPDATE] (libraries/modulefunctions.class.php:2002) - Module: announcement Updated to version
[2018-Jul-10 12:21:34] [UPDATE] (libraries/modulefunctions.class.php:2002) - Module: queues Updated to version
[2018-Jul-11 09:27:35] [UPDATE] (libraries/modulefunctions.class.php:2002) - Module: core Updated to version
[2018-Jul-11 09:27:37] [UPDATE] (libraries/modulefunctions.class.php:2002) - Module: bulkhandler Updated to version
[2018-Jul-11 09:27:39] [UPDATE] (libraries/modulefunctions.class.php:2002) - Module: callerid Updated to version
[2018-Jul-11 09:27:42] [UPDATE] (libraries/modulefunctions.class.php:2002) - Module: certman Updated to version 14.0.3
[2018-Jul-11 09:28:00] [UPDATE] (libraries/modulefunctions.class.php:2002) - Module: endpoint Updated to version
[2018-Jul-11 09:28:03] [UPDATE] (libraries/modulefunctions.class.php:2002) - Module: voicemail Updated to version 14.0.2

(Fearx) #5

Thank you very much Igaetz <3

(system) #6

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