Module Update Caused Voicemail to Email to Stop Working

Hi everyone, I updated my FreePBX 12 modules to address security warnings. After the update my voicemail to email stopped working. The log file says /var maillog says sender [email protected]> rejected.

I haven’t changed anything and my conf files and my sender in the voicemail web gui is set to my email address.

Does anybody know what is going on? I can provide more info if necessary.

Thanks in advance!


you should see an entry that has the email address the system is sending to - what does that line show?

Thanks Bob, the maillog below:

to=<address [email protected]>,[]:25,
delay=3.3, delays=0.02/0.01/1.2/2,
status=bounced (host[]
said: 550 5.1.0 [email protected] sender rejected (in reply to MAIL FROM command))

As noted, my config has been working for a number of years and has been updated as required. Could be I had a config error and the latest update caught it, not sure…


check with telus. they probably have a way to define a relay server

more and more, i am seeing email providers do reverse dns lookups as part of their anti spam policy and [email protected] will not resolve so they bounced your email.

if you have a valid host name with rdns setup, change the email config to use that host name and things should work. otherwise see if telus will give you access to their relay server (not all providers will do this and it usually requires a static ip address).

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Thanks, it has worked for years, literally.

Actually I would reject the email as well given the [email protected] sender address (not

My FPBX voicemail setting is serveremail = (my telus address) I logged into telus and tested, all ok.

Is there another place to define who the sender is? I could be missing something…

Edit: I gave up and configured to use Gmail. Thanks for the help.