Module Update best practices

I’ve been using FreePBX for a long time and I wanted to reach out and get other opinions on when/if/how often you do module and or Distro updates. I’ve been burned a few times as of late with module updates. I updated queues to 34.6 from .2 and it broke BLF logout. I only found this out after the update and upon research, found a ticket from August detailing the unresolved issue. An isymphony update from 4.3 to 5.1 broke primary and secondary extension associations for all extensions in the system. Hate to say it, but it just runs better without updates. I was attempting to hopefully fix small bugs I have within isymphony and queues, but only created more, and more pressing ones. I know you can’t put off Distro updates forever, or risk leaving yourself vulnerable, so what is your method of choice for updating. I guess I’m at the point of having to have a duplicate system to have as a test bed and deploy updates there first and test first, but it seems that at least in the case of what should be a painless module upgrade process, there should be another way. Open minded and looking for good discussion. Thanks in advance.

I usually do module and yum updates about every four to six weeks. (really depends on my availability… ) i never had a module that “broke my system”, with that being said if there’s a serious bug you’ll see a discussion right away here on the community and the Sangoma/FreePBX devs are pretty active here to help and release bug fixes.
Additionally, you can always roll back your module updates in case you are having trouble.

Take the Queue log-off issue as an example, the issue is still open and the devs weren’t able to reproduce it yet, but there’s a workaround in place to add a Static Agent. So by some clients i did exactly that, and by some i rolled back… Or didn’t even update Queues.

Regarding security patching:
I’m not sure what version you are running, but the latest version applies security updates automatically. So no worries.

We are still looking into the queue issue but have not been able to reproduce it. In fact when it initially broke only a few text lines for descriptions had changed so there wasn’t really anything to look back on. Since then we ended up rewriting it and putting in unit tests. Even with all of this work the module still doesn’t work for some and works for others. In fact we now have someone saying it works for them “fixed” and then another user saying it doesn’t work for them. This has made it hard to track the initial problem.

As for Isymphony. Freepbx and Sangoma do not work on that module. It’s maintained by the Isymphony team. We merely publish it.

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