Module digium_phones being re-installed every day

I get a text message every day from FreePBX that says:

Installing missing modules: digium_phones
Module digium_phones successfully downloaded in 0 seconds
Module digium_phones installation completed in 2 seconds
Done. All modules installed.

I did uninstall all of the digium modules using the Module Administration function. And the one digium module I see says “Digium Phones Config Stable Digium [GPLv2] Not Installed (Available online:”

When I say upgrade and enable “Digium Phones Config” it in Module Admin, it says “Error installing digium_phones: * Failed to install Digium Phones Config due to the following conflicting module(s): EndPoint Manager”

When I say remove, it does successfully remove it.

I do have the commercial endpoint manager module installed and up to date and I’m trying to use it, I have DPMA turned off in there.

Says I’m at Freepbx on the Dashboard.