Module admin not found

Hi ,

Kindly I have PBXact 60 Version 10.13.66-15 and I can’t find module admin module in Admin section.

When I tried to install it using CLI I got the following issue

fwconsole ma install module admin
Unable to install module module:

  • Cannot find module
    Unable to install module admin:
  • Cannot find module
    fwconsole ma enable module admin
    The following error(s) occured:
  • Module module cannot be enabled

Any suggestion please …

Updates to PBXact should be done via the System Admin Update process.

Thanks for your response

Yes I note that module updates should be done through system admin updates .

Now I’d like to enable zulu server module which should be activated by default on PBXact , I can’t find zulu option on inbound route and Queue modules .

when I try to enable zulu server using CLI I found the following error :

fwconsole ma enable zulu server

The following error(s) occured:

  • Module zulu cannot be enabled

by the way this PBXact haven’t support contract yet as I found this message in system updates : This system is outside of it’s support contract or otherwise blocked from updating.

Is should I purchase support contract to enable zulu server .