Module Admin - Dahdi Config failure to update due to PHP prereq

Hi All,

I just installed AsteriskNow 2-3.0.2 and generally speaking it went well. Couple of minor issues which I will post in another area. I went into the Module Admin area to get everything updated…selected basic and extended an went through the handful of cycles to bring it all up to date.

All worked fine but 1. Im down to the last item and get the following error.

      DAHDi Config cannot be upgraded:
                PHP version 5.3.0 or higher is required, you have 5.1.6
                Please try again after the dependencies have been installed.

Ive done the regular searches and found nothing conclusive. So just need a definitive opinion (or a pinter to something I havnt read).

Is there a fix for this? If no the obvious thing is to log into CentOS and force a yum install of PHP 5.3, but I am concerned that this will break the myriad of PHP scripting in the AsteriskNow distribution…Should I let the error be and move on?

Many thanks.

The current version of AsteriskNow does not install FreePBX properly.

It’s a long story.

Use either our distribution or PBX in a Flash. These are the only two current distro’s that properly install FreePBX so you can access all three classes of modules.


Thats good enough for me.

A general question…the module updater keeps all modules, asterisk and freepbx updated (thats a question :slight_smile: ) how ofetn should the OS updater be executed or does something else take care of that? I guess the overall question is, how does the entire distribution keep evergreen?


Please review the documentation for the distro for an explanation: