Modifying a FreePBX PHP file

I’d like to patch a few FreePBX instances I run with some enhanced functionality I require, is there a recommended way to do this so my changes play nicely with the security tamper warning system?

I use local signing and avoid any encumbrances of a FreePBX signed key. My install script locally signs the handful of third party modules we use to avoid nuisance warnings in the GUI.

If the changes are non proprietary and of value to a general audience, consider opening a ticket and submitting a pull request, or making available publicly via bitbucket or github.

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Thanks for the link, exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve already raised an issue in the bug tracker and created a PR on github. Hope the feature is accepted :slight_smile:

Is it this ticket? Allow certman to generate & install LE certificates from fwconsole

If so, then it’s certainly of general value and I would love to see it added. Have thought of hacking it out myself.

All active development is done in bitbucket at The github repos are just a mirror. It will be easier for the dev team if you create the PR in bitbucket.

I would target v15.

I encourage you to work up the bitbucket pull request ASAP.

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That’s the one :slight_smile: I’ll make a PR on bitbucket

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Can you allow public access to your bitbucket repo?

Use the left side menu Gear Icon->Repository Permissions->Public Access->Enable.

I’ll test and comment, hopefully raise the visibility a little.


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Good stuff guys, thanks for taking this on.

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