Modify reload script from freepbx

Hi all. I need to fix a situation where a reload initiated from the freepbx gui sometimes gets stuck and caused a restart of the asterisk service.
I believe this is caused by a module (for Text2Speech) which halts the reload.

So in order to fix this in a live system where people often change sip users etc, I need to modify the reload function.
I only want to reload the sip application when the ‘Save&Apply’ button is pressed.

Anyone done this before?

With so little information provided about the only suggestion would be to just remove the Text2Speech module if your not using it.

The thing is, I need the text2speech module to work.
Currently using it.
What more information would be relevant?
I’m using asterisk with freepbx

It is important to know as much info as possible for many reasons

  1. You are asking if it is possible to modify software. If we don’t know the version of the software how could anyone possibly be able to determine if the modifications are possible.

  2. There might be a patch or version upgrade to FreePBX or Asterisk or the OS that fixes your problem. It could be a lot easier to install an update then to try to modify code.

  3. You could be running a derivative of FreePBX such as Elastix or Trixbox. Those versions took FreePBX and heavily modified it. Since they are not standard FreePBX it might not be possible for someone on the FreePBX forum to say yes or no.

Additional info that might help

  1. Did this just start happening or did it always happen?

  2. Did you install any software updates of any kind?

  3. Did you change anything and after the change the problem started happening?

Basic troubleshooting and problem solving works best when you have as much info on the problem as possible.

You are running a very old version of FreePBX. You might be better off upgrading to a new more supported version.