Modify queue agents call stats

We are using the Q plus module.

Our Ring Strategy is fewest calls however we would also like to count outgoing calls that agents make towards their call count for the purpose of incoming calls.

Let’s say we have agent 200 that has answered 20 calls Today and agent 201 that has only answered 10 calls today the queue will prioritize agent 201 as they have fewer calls, however agent 201 has also placed 15 outgoing calls today, so now agent 200 should actually be prioritized.

So I have an idea how to route outgoing calls through a dial plan and have code increase the agent call count. I would like to know where the queue agent count is stored and how I can best modify it through an outgoing call.

You’re moving into a not well documented area of FreePBX, mainly because what your looking for, I believe, is on the Asterisk side. You’ll need to interface with the ASTDB (note this is different than the MySQL database FreePBX uses).

Reading material:
Using the Asterisk Database (AstDB) (

You’ll need to find the queue family and then modify the entry. There is an example of how to do it via dialplan (like you mentioned). Someone may know the entry, but in all reality, is would likely be faster for you to just go and find it.

When in Asterisk CLI interface, type command “database show” and you’ll hopefully find what your looking for.

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