Modify and customize FreePBX GUI

Hello all. I have worked with asterisk based PBXs for a few years and I now want to build one with a gui of my design. I did some research on it and the closest I found was a link saying I can install FreePBX and modify the GUI was not clear on how go about it. I would really appreciate the help on how to go about it.

It’s open source code that creates one possible GUI for Asterisk, but it isn’t a GUI creation toolkit for Asterisk.

Thank you for the quick response @david55
What are the limitations compared to the GUI creation toolkit and how much change can I do with it?

What do you exactly mean by the ‘GUI creation toolkit’ ?

I’m not even sure what the gui creation toolkit is, but I’m assuming it is an indepth method of building the gui from scratch instead of using the FreePBX gui.

I used the indefinite article, not the definite article. I am not aware of any such product.

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If you want to customize the FreePBX gui like a white label PBX then I believe ClearlyIP and Sangoma have commercial modules or services that allow you to do that.

If you try to just modify the GUI by replacing graphic files for logos etc. it will throw off the internal checksums and the FreePBX gui will start throwing errors about “tampered files”

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In general follow trademark and licensing.rules and you can do whatever you want. The code is all on GitHub.

I’m not a lawyer and the whole thing is a bit of a web so here is advice from ai…

Here’s a breakdown of best practices for handling trademark and copyright issues when modifying open source projects:
Understand the Existing License

  • License Type: Identify the open source license governing the project (e.g., MIT, Apache, GPL). Each license has different terms regarding modifications and redistribution.
  • Permissive vs. Copyleft:
    • Permissive licenses (MIT, BSD) have few restrictions on modifying and redistributing code.
    • Copyleft licenses (GPL) generally require derivative works to be released under the same license.
      Respect Trademarks
  • Project Name: Be cautious about using the same name or one confusingly similar to the original project’s trademark, or the trademarks of anyone contributing to the project.
  • Trademarked Terms: Do not use trademarked terms within your code or documentation without the express permission of the trademark holder.
  • Specific Trademark Guidelines: Some open source projects provide specific guidelines regarding the use of their trademarks. Follow those carefully.
    Copyright Considerations
  • Original Copyright: The original code retains its copyright. Any modifications must respect the existing copyright terms of the license.
  • New Contributions: Ensure clear copyright ownership for all new code contributions. Copyright attribution and new licensing terms might need to be clearly stated.
    Best Practices
  • Choose a Compatible License: If making significant changes or redistributing with additions, select a license compatible with the original open-source license.
  • Documentation: Keep complete documentation about authorship, licensing of individual components, and your changes.
  • Consult Trademark/Copyright Lawyer: For complex scenarios or any uncertainties, seek legal advice to ensure compliance.
    Additional Tips
  • Community Engagement: Involve the original project’s community in discussions about licensing or name changes. This helps gather diverse perspectives and maintain goodwill.
  • Be Transparent: Publicly document any changes and make clear that your project is a modification of the original.
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