Modified Dial Options

Hi Everyone,

I need some help with the dial options that are being used for ring groups.

I have the need to execute a macro when a call is answered by a member of a call group.

I can see in the CLI that there are already two macros being executed called writefile and auto-blkvm but I would like to add another of my own.

Executing [[email protected]:7] Dial(“SIP/xxxx-000046b5”, “SIP/3061&SIP/3084,20,trM(writefile)M(auto-blkvm)”) in new stack

Any idea how I might go about this…

I have tried changing the Asterisk Dial Command options in the general settings of the GUI but this only affects calls that are direct to that extension, not those coming from a ring group.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hey All,

Anyone have any clues as to the above problem?