Mobile SIP Phones

We’ve recently purchased a Mobile SIP Phone, it’s made by E28, model E2831… great little phone so far…
I’m going to test today whether it works, but my question is this…

The phone can be used as a SIP phone when connected to a WIFI network, however, the real benefit to us would be that if we could get a data plan for the phone, if it would be able to place SIP calls using the GSM data network (EDGE)… I think the software may limit this, but I don’t see why it can’t be done… maybe you can do it with a different phone?

I’ll update this thread later with whether or not it worked, but if anyone has tried this… our company is trying to get rid of a bunch of cellphone accounts and sip trunking with cellphones would be very nice.

There is a software called Fringe which has versions avaialble for a variety of different GSM phones. I’ve used it on my Nokia E61 and worked well, Allows you to choose b/w WiFI and GPRS networks.The sound quality was quite decent.

you ment fring from right?